Nothing sharpens the mind like no jobs, high gas prices, bankruptcies, and the foolishness of corrupt officials…unless it’s a supermovie crafted by Liberals that tells the Conservative tale. 

Like Gone With the Wind and The Wizard of Oz in 1939, this year’s The Avengers holds everything to rivet your mind from horrible, terrible very bad news. An equal opportunity bonanza, Disney’s movie is fair, balanced and bipartisan. It inflicts pain when necessary and allows viewers to feel the pain of others.

Some might say The Avengers encapsulates what Americans long for, more of that lifesblood hope for change. Others in our divided nation view it as a reminder of what “Captain America” is capable of doing, and will again as soon as all the avengers assemble in November, six short months from now. 

How long Mitt Romney has been Captain America, few can say. And yet, early on, many of us believed he belongs in Ronald Reagan’s heroic club of  Clear and Present Avengers, ready and willing to spring into action whenever danger threatens America. 

Sure, FarRight and Independent Flyers were slow to focus on the heroic qualities of this brave man. Facts on the ground always have to force them to straighten up and, like Liberals, some never do. 

But now, even Liberals are  paying attention. Long scornful of “Captain America,” some are beginning to turn on his nemesis.

Waiting in the wings for decades, we the regular avengers rallied together in 2008. We started getting mighty in 2009 and by 2010, we’d teamed up with Iron Man to roll  a ton of miscreants. Mimicking one of Hollywood’s least violent scenes, the Incredible Hulk pinned some of them to the ground and cut their hair.   

But what do Mitt Romney and Captain America have in common? Both superheroes fly in and save much more than the day. Strategic BigPicture thinkers, both work well with smart, opinionated teammates Hulk and Thor, aka Chris Christie and Paul Ryan, with Allen Iron Man West and Liz Black Widow Cheney, to name a few. 

Since Marvel Comics first introduced them, ironically in 1963, these avengers are among America’s Superheroes, brought together on a single team like caped versions of Washington, Madison, Hamilton, Lincoln, Douglass and millions of brave unsung Americans. Opposite evil, corruption and the Left, they represent America’s forces for good…muscled, multi-colored characters who do the right thing and spread it around. 

Inspiring others with their honest, uneasy message, they mash the bad guys and urge us to come fly with the good ones instead.

It’s hard to believe such a pro-America theme was crafted by anyone in post-60’s Hollywood. And yet, Disney’s Marvel Studios plan for The Avengers could be pre-game at Romney Victory, Inc: “Team up characters from several successful films into one big event movie, build marketing teases into earlier films, and throw in a cross-over character or two.”  

OK, so I’m still trying to figure the crossovers: Mitch Hawkeye Daniels? Bob Frontier Man McDonnell? With the largest group of superheroes in Republican Party history, it hardly matters, as long as they have common sense and know how to add, remain honest and loyal to America’s Founding principles.

Because millions of InfoAge voters haven’t read revealing classics like The Emperor’s Clothes, Pinocchio and The Three Little Pigs, Disney’s movie could be their first introduction to humanity’s bright, shining secret: “Captain America” does more than yearn for us and others to be free, solid and safe. Rather than hope for change, he and his avengers think carefully about what it takes to stay strong. Giving their all, they defeat those who would enslave their beloved country.

Despite an obvious appreciation for the movie, Liberal Media love to hope that America’s “TeaParty” Avengers have lost steam and more important, power. If they ever read Marvel Comics, they’d know that FreedomFighters never die or fade away, they assemble, rebel and win.

As millions of viewers line up to see The Avengers, it’s not hard to imagine what happens next. Huddling to be free again, such secret admirers might go so far as to cast their votes for Captain America.

To me, May’s record ticket sales for The Avengers presage good news for the good guys: this November, “Captain America” and his team will blow Barack Obama out of the swamp he’s created in our country and make it right again.