Barack "Slippers" Obama Hardens the Soft War

This week America learned the only thing not in Obama’s bag of tricks is a pair of slippers. And we shouldn’t be surprised. 

Obama’s self-centered white mother told him he’d go far by looking as slick as Harry Belafonte. The first thing young Barry did was roll up his sleeves and throw out his slippers. 

Now, in Barack Obama’s 3rd year as president, the mother in him is out there chiding black audiences to toss their bedroom slippers too.  

Still dressing the part, Obama’s also singing the same old song  to as many knee-jerk Whites, Blacks, Youth, Hispanics, Jews, Gays, Media, Government Workers and Public Unionites as he can find.  

It’s bad enough when Obama rolls up his sleeves, but you’re really in trouble when he starts dropping his g‘s.

On the other hand, he’s happiest when his audience is starstruck, dependent and tone-deaf. Like Jim Jones and other tyrants, Obama derives power, money and satisfaction from his followers, most of whom are so confused, they’ve lost their wits and their will in the land of freedom to use them.  

Of course, like most American presidents, Obama chooses his audiences carefully. Unlike most, he hopes they are extremely uninformed. He can’t win the soft war without hoodwinking millions of citizens, people who have no clue Obama’s wearing combat boots, poisoning America and, while he has the chance, Israel too.  

For all Americans in his latest CBC audience, I’ve got more news for you. If you think your president’s talkin to you, think again. He’s talkin down to you. He’s hopin you’ll think he’s chillin with the rest of you, knowin you’re too engrossed to see he’s playin you like Ray’s piano. 

Obama knows his balkanized base does Kool-Aid or he wouldn’t be wasting time on them. More rational citizens stopped looking up to him 2-4 years ago, and if his current followers were serious about connecting dots, they wouldn’t be caught dead in Obama’s 2011 crowd.    

Real, wise, unselfish men like Frederick Douglass, Herman Cain, Thomas Sowell, Allen West—real, wise, unselfish women like Sojourner Truth, Harriet Tubman and Maxine-Waters-Not, would find Obama’s political “songs” off-key and as insulting as they are.  

Hispanic males, solid, smart men like Marco Rubio do too. Ditto wise Jews, et cetera, et cetera. Clear-headed, self-respecting citizens find tyrants like Obama downright disgusting…. and dangerous.

As the first president to deliberately hoodwink and bankrupt America, Obama’s steeped in Leftist-Liberalism and then some. Besides further degrading the Democrat Party, he doesn’t do well with people who say no to him. 

In 17th century Massachusetts, annoying little naysayers and TeaParty types were burned at the stake. Today’s professors can still give C’s to A+ Conservative students. But the only thing President Obama can do is strut, pound and lie to anyone still Jonesed enough to listen. The rest of us get taxed and regulated.  

Ironically, only unenlightened 21st century Liberals said yes to Obama’s soft war against America and Israel. But in the Providential lining of Obama’s election, some Liberals are finally starting to learn the right notes.  

Besides polls, you know this is true by the numbers of Americans suddenly self-labeling as “Independents.” If what Liberal Democrats offer them is progress, most citizens now want the freedom to choose another path…if it’s not too late.

Many of us know someone not Carville stated: “The majority of Americans voted for Obama in 2008 to prove they weren’t racists. In 2012, they’ll vote against him to prove they aren’t stupid.”

As in the Economy, Israel, ObamaCare, F&F, EPA, SolarGates, CronyGates, Gitmo, Biden, Holder, Geithner, Czars, Defense Errors, Michellextravagences, DoddFrank, Regulations, Taxes, Lies, Lies and Video Tapes…add your own to this Liberal Democrat president’s vast slippery slope. 

FWIW, I’d say to American Blacks, Whites, Youth, Hispanics, Jews, all voters who still refuse to arm themselves with the facts, stop letting Obama, BlueMedia, Sharpton, Krugman, Jackson, Waters, Pelosi, Reid and dangerous egos like Jim Jones play you. 

Find your freedom and educate yourself! Check out American cities, states and government institutions for proof-in-the-pudding of what policies work and which ones destroy our country and her allies.

As much as we all despise war, America’s in one. As always, it’s about freedom, and once again, ours. With that in mind, pretend you’re Lincoln, Douglass and Truth for a month…what would these clear-headed, unselfish American heroes do and think?

Forget the damn slippers. The smartest thing is for all Americans to put on serious thinking caps, study up and become as truly independent as we are.