Palin: Why Run When You Can Ride Like Revere?

In 2009, I wrote a blog called “Solving a Problem Like a Palin.” It compared Sarah Palin to Maria von Trapp, that troublesome wave who kept coming back and couldn’t be caught.

5 days later, the title of my blog was on the cover of Newsweek, with a few words changed. When questioned about the coincidence, a magazine rep. replied “I guess great minds must think alike.”

If this were true, Barack Obama would never have been elected. If Liberals, Independents and many Republicans had “great minds,” they would have used them to produce great results for our nation, where “great” is defined by unequivocally correct thinkers like Lincoln and Douglass as solid, honest leadership; strong economic and national security; liberty, true justice, free markets and constitutionally limited government.

But Conservatives know it takes a no-good, very bad “bomb” to awaken certain kinds of thinkers…if only for a brief unwrinkled moment in time.

To effective minds blessed with common sense and knowledge of metaphors, Obama’s that no-good, very bad “bomb,” purposefully planted, leaving America in tatters and still ticking. 

And, as with most dangers…like the financial meltdown…Liberals won’t discern this until horrific damage has been done.

Meanwhile, Palin’s become more of a problem than Maria. Not for Conservatives, but for most political media and people who despise rebels at odds with powerful, protected institutions.

Two years have passed, great damage has been done, and it’s the eve of more destruction. Tomorrow is 911’s 10th anniversary and 61 days later, 11/11/11.  

I’m blogging about Palin again, this time comparing her to Paul Revere in an unoriginal analogy. Of course, other Conservatives like Reagan, Limbaugh, Hannity, Bolton, Rumsfeld, Kagan, Bush, Cheney, et al share this honor. For decades, they’ve warned us of various clear, ever-present dangers. 

Problematic Palin’s still out there, behaving like braveheart, annoying almost everyone until she proves her point. She’s still not running for president and is still riding a bus, on her shout-out-and educate-America-tour, cautioning late-bloomers to wake-up to dangers that are no longer coming but here.

A highly annoyed press still can’t corral, define or pin this moonbeam down. To Palin and most rebels, today’s media are immortal mosquitoes, buzzing around, drinking lots of our blood and producing ugly results. Come to think, they sound a lot like empowered Liberals. 

Riding onward, rallying  fiscal conservatives, Palin lists Liberal horrors and why common sense Americans need to defeat them. Because millions of citizens are alarmed and listening, she’s serving her country in the most effective way possible. 

Despite serious bites from a mostly hostile press, Palin will have done her best  to spread the word that Liberalism and Obama have failed our nation. She may even succeed in alerting the inattentive that no American Government can care for Liberals and illegal immigrants when it has depleted taxpayer funds and push has come to shove.

Despite Obama’s systematic and insidious degradation of America, her citizens and laws, next November, all kinds of voters will race to the polls.  Thanks in large part to Sarah Palin, they will push RedTeam buttons, where RED is for Republican and STOP.  

Like Paul Revere, Palin’s greatest role is premier Freedom Rider, not President. There’s no point in running when you can ride and be remembered as the “little lady” who helped win the war.