Still a Sparrow, Mock a Bird

Ever since the Anthony verdict, I’m melting faster than Alabama teacakes. The center can’t hold and neither can I.

Apparently I’m not alone. This month in America, millions following Casey Anthony’s trial saw unshining proof that a young sociopath murdered her 2 year-old daughter.

Within 10 undecorous hours, her sequestered jury reached a verdict of
“Not Guilty.” Assorted TVisionaries agreed. Those of us who disagreed were appalled by evidence of gross jury inanity.

We’re as angry as we were when OJ got away with murder and Thomas died in To Kill A Mockingbird. On top of high unemployment, gas prices, “Fast and Furious,” something’s rotten in more states than Florida.

Besides Tom Robinson, OJ Simpson and past miscarriages of justice, Casey’s verdict isn’t the last time some will see haze where others discern proof.   But more than just another judicial travesty, the liberation of Casey Anthony represents the “poster-child” indictment of America in crisis.

We can agree that Harper Lee expressed it best, but here’s my shot: Jurors who voted to acquit Anthony of all serious charges have brains that aren’t working right. Instead of dots which need to be connected, they see bubbles ordained to burst. Whether it’s a child, a Congressman, an airport or an economy, their brains are skewed to reach faulty, baseless conclusions. Their gauzy, goofy assessments continue to cause grave damage to America and the world.

And beyond not-so-fictional realms, this week’s twisted verdict reminds me of November 2008, when heads also reared in ugly, opposite ways. Despite boatloads of evidence that Barack Obama was guilty of being at the very least unqualified, the majority of American minds were quick to close. As hastily as a jury in July, they sided with the “Not Guilty” set and elected him president.

Forewarned by Conservatives…Democrats, Independents and RINO’s forged ahead with all undeliberate thought. When America needed the Admiral, they gave us an ensign. Ignoring facts, the common sense of “extremist minds,” they elected a president who has killed our economy and harmed American security.

Wherever they are, whatever they do, their kind of proof actually is pudding, and there lies much more than a rub. It’s the rot consuming America.

Shakespeare used unsubtle terms, including “pigeon-liver’d” and “muddy-mettled.” Perceptually correct, he knew “men who thought too much” were “dangerous.”

I call these thinkers BlueBrains. You can meet them in trains and in planes and at sea, in GOV, on the Hill, most schools and TV. Their minds tend to be muddled and all over the map. 9 times in 10, they belong to Liberals and it’s not how the rest of Americans think.

Contrary to a Jane Velasquez-Mitchell blurtation, all human beings are not “irrational.” Of course millions of us analyze, think and conclude with rational minds. Like many Liberals, Jane paints everyone with the brush in her brain.

Whatever else they think of us, RedBrains are wired differently. In most cases, we see, deduce, act, judge and vote differently than BlueBrains. Both sides have their valuable place, but things fall apart with life and death issues on the table.

Sure our jury system works well. It’s the people who don’t. Swamped in amorality, wrapped in sub-par tape, hordes of Americans remain dumb and clueless.

“D&C” isn’t necessarily connected to IQ. It’s mostly a syndrome produced  by our dumbed-down liberal culture, and almost anyone can catch it. Instead of taking moral-clarity-cues from giants like Adams, Lincoln and Douglass, BlueBrains tow lines from people like Stewart, Rivera, Hilton, Goldberg, and a slew of et ceteras.

And if there’s one thing professors prove, it’s the inverse relationship between high IQs and robust CommonSense Quotients. Plenty of intellectuals can’t function in crisis. Plenty of 8th grade grads have learned how to recognize forests, trees and fire.

Also, some of the people on juries can’t get out of service. In my voirdires, if you know a policeman or attorney, you’re dismissed. If they find evidence you read the Wall Street Journal, you’re relieved.

Less likely to be chosen for jury service, Americans who think “one way” wouldn’t be caught dead declaring Anthony “not guilty,” anymore than they’d vote for Barack Obama in 2008. Neither passes the common sense test.

Americans who think the “other way” ignore evidence that’s plain to the rest of us. They see bubbles where we see dots.

Forget the party and philosophy. Forget the faith and friends. Unless you’re under 40, what’s the excuse for electing a callow person for president of anything?

Like Anthony’s jurors, where proof bursts like bubbles on the brain, it’s like insisting 1+1 = 9. In minds where anything goes, nothing adds up. How can it?

Forget chloroform. Forget tatoos. No rational mind excuses 31 post-loss days of celebrate and obfuscate. Nothing excuses duct tape on the nose and mouth of the child who stole her mother’s limelight and got in her way.

But the “Not Guilty” group is quick to exonerate people like Anthony and Simpson. Unless their version of villain is involved, people who used to be called numbskulls believe everything that happens is one big accident or no big deal. While they perceive facts as possbilities, bubbles waiting to explode, Innocents drown in dots that beg to be connected. With matters of life and death, most of these minds can’t be trusted to do the right thing because they don’t know what it is.

Their lamebrain, laissez-faire thinking is rising geometrically in families, schools, colleges, media, government bureaucracies, and of course, on “anything goes” juries. Mocking her bird by bird, they’re killing America, where politicians, tyrants, lawyers and criminals depend on them to get the facts wrong.

A question for the ages, “to be or not to be” has re-bumped to the top of inquiring minds. How unanimous does evil have to be for BlueBrains to get it?

How can clearer heads prevail? We can start by connecting to Harper Lee’s unamibguous title, after we’ve learned to think like Atticus, Calpurnia and Boo.