After Butler beat VCU last night, I went back to ruminating about 2012. 

As a TeaPartyPatriot, I’ll speak for myself, but I suspect millions of people who favor fiscal responsibility, smaller government, free markets, and Constitutional fidelity, are as devoted to Winning America as Butler is to winning all its games.

Whatever happens in tomorrow night’s Men’s NCAA Championship Game, I think most Americans finally realize we need a president who leads like Butler plays: smart, tough, honest and off-the-charts.

With bulldogs on the brain, I remembered that the British Prime Minister who saved the world from Nazi tyranny had the hefty mascot as his pet.

And who can forget one of Obama’s first presidential orders: the removal of Churchill’s bust from America’s White House? As if we needed more, that single act of scorn revealed as much about Obama as his so far, uncertified American birth.

Then I bumped up to 2010, when Rush Limbaugh declared that “sports loyalty usually overrides everything else.”  

Suddenly it occurred to me: what if millions of citizens started thinking of America as they do their favorite sports team?

What if national loyalty rose to par with America’s devotion to March Madness?

What if Country Club Republicans, Independents, and Senators got off the bench and learned the critical importance of teamwork and loyalty?

With sports in the air, can assorted Liberals be that far behind?

At the very least, learning from Butler’s superior examples, these quixotic players could VOTE BULLDOG, no matter who the Republican candidate is, within Lincoln and Douglass standards.

They could and should vote for THE BULLDOG PHILOSOPHY…not the mug, the clothes, the hairstyle and color, the tastes, the rhetoric, not the human errors we all make, not any of the failed, stupid, selfish, superficial “things” Liberal DEMS value even more than they admire people like Pelosi, Reid, Frank, Dodd, Schumer…and God help us, Dennis Kucinich.

With record wins in the House, state legislatures, governorships, the Republican Party has already blitzed the Semi-Finals….thanks almost entirely to the Brad Stevens effect of TeaPartyBulldogs.

If only the GOP (another anachronism that has to go) could find the wisdom to choose the presidential equivalent of Butler Bulldogs, REDS could wipe the floor with LIBERAL BLUES.

(And by this, I intend no offense whatsoever to the outstanding players and play of Virginia Commonwealth University.)

Besides honoring Butler’s courage, class and skill, it’s way past time for Americans to wake up and smell the Bulldogs. 

It’s long past time to again pay homage to Winston Churchill and his pet, a possibility President Obama moved rapidly to quash. 

I don’t blame Obama for wanting to be Top Dog, in a class of his own. I blame voters,  especially Republicans and Independents who voted casually and light-headedly for a pooch without courage and credentials, as far from Butler Bulldogs as you can get.

Whatever happens in Aprils’ college championships, if the days of electing poodle presidents aren’t “done” (as Americans are fond of saying), America is. 

Clearly, most of us value integrity, skill, leadership, loyalty, strength and honesty in our college athletes.

What happens to the value of these all-American winning qualities when citizens have the hard-won freedom to vote for Head Coach?