Kudos to Obama: Reluctantly Right and Better Late Than Never

By now, most Americans know it’s not in Obama’s nature to lead or take action. He’d rather mull things over, organize, pontificate, play golf and make sure his suits are pressed within an inch of their life.  

It’s not Obama’s fault he’s a follower. It’s the fault of Americans who elected him to lead because they were too blind to see what he was. 

It’s also not Obama’s fault that he feels about America as the stepmothers felt about Cinderella and Snow White. 

First, it’s not in his Liberal blood to be devoted to America, her uniqueness, her strength and preservation. Basically, if not perpetually peeved, Obama treats America like the third-class entity he believes she is, should be, or will be, once he’s finished with her. 

If there’s anything worse, he wants to ensure the rest of the world sees America that way too.

Obama was raised that way, and no matter where he was born, he’s a die-hard Leftist-Lib. He married a woman and surrounds himself with people who feel that way. Skirting the inconvenient faith of his father and stepfather, Obama then chose to immerse himself in another man-centered, America-hating religion.

Obviously, I’m no fan of Obama, another dangerous, dishonest Democrat who can’t help it, yet has no business being in America’s Oval Office. But like other Conservatives, I desperately want Obama to do some things right. Out of his depth and a Liberal to boot, Obama has done so many things wrong, it’s tragic for our country. 

No one but our enemies could be happy about that.

That being said, I was grateful for French leadership and anxiously awaited news that our elected follower might choose the right course in Libya. 

I was borderline ecstatic to learn that, after weeks of requisite Liberal hand-wringing, replete with rebel deaths and Gaddafi re-groups, Obama found the guts to listen to those in his administration who advised him to “act now.”

I know nothing about what finally caused our president to follow the leaders. Word has it several women added their voices to Hamlet’s stew. I’m just glad that one of those women had already written a book on genocide, a subject about which, like most of us, she cares deeply enough to have learned the only way to prevent it is to act sooner, not later.

No one can predict the fate of Libya, but more of us can agree that Obama, albeit reluctantly, did the right thing in this freedom-fight. Sure his reactions were late, muddled, contradictory, and expensive….hallmarks of today’s Liberal approach, and what did all those Independents expect?

But this time, by acting as he did in Libya, Obama may have inadvertently achieved the best of both worlds. By insisting on a multi-lateral military response, where America became just another member of the gang, he has spotlighted what only she does best: lead, defend, succeed, and empower Libyan rebels to do what they must and I believe will: rid the world of another strategically dangerous, savage tyrant.

After all, more than one nation helped America win our revolution. Besides extraordinarily brave American and Polish soldiers, Lafayette had it right then and France has it right now: long-live the “fraternity” of freedom-fighters, untainted by tyrants.

Now I wake up every morning hoping to hear that the Libyan rebels have offed Gaddafi in swift and certain justice, which in no way resembles the barbarous behavior of the despot himself.

Before heading to work, I realize something else America’s last 2 presidents have in common: both have the hutzpah to listen to strong, smart women; both will be praised for learning from history for a change, by ridding our world of mass murderers sooner, not later.