Liberalish: The Killer Language

Partially educated at Columbia and Harvard, President Obama speaks perfect Liberalish, a bastardized amalgem of English, gibberish and balderdash.

When a commonly understood word is inconvenient, Obama and the worst of the WordThieves change it, eradicate it, and when necessary, lie about it.

The best of them do this as inadvertently as knee-jerks.

Contemptuous of standards, empowered Liberal-Leftists depend upon the destructability of commonly understood language. Malleability and imprecision help institute and entrench their dangerous, willy-nilly ways in policies now capable of destroying America and her citizens.

Naturally, warlines are drawn when the majority of common, plain-speaking Americans (including those FOX NEWS Contributor Juan Williams calls “the TeaParty element”) stubbornly insist that horses are horses, marriages are marriages, and triangles are triangles….no matter how Liberal WordThieves try to re-name them.

Most of us annoying thinkers also believe that 1+1 = 2, and that it’s a lie to say that the total of the first 2 numbers is 3. Like most summations in Liberalish, the answer 3 is faulty and false.

American “elements” also know labels are crucial to clear, accurate communication. We know horses are different than cows, Liberals are different than Conservatives, and spades are different than scissors.

As with most conservative understandings, language standards are eventually connected to survival. It always matters what words you use, but particularly in wartime.

If your horses are actually cows, it’s assured that even more people will die. If your cows are actually horses, it’s assured that even more people will starve. If you use scissors in the fields, there’s no food at all.

Moving on from the farm, most regular Americans know that marriage has long been a pesky, irrevocable word to describe the legal union between a man and a woman.

Marriage is not a union between a man and a man, a fish and a bike, a horse and a cow, no matter what Liberals say in any language.

To people who still speak, read and understand English, President Obama and his Liberal-Leftist friends are a passle of WordThieves and worse. As with taxpayer funds, these rogues play fast and furiously with our English language, our national security, our present and future lives.

Increasing numbers of Americans finally realize that these Liberal Democrats speak full-blown Liberalish, and that purposefully or not, it can be lethal to lie about job creation, economic stabilization, and winning the future.

Still, as the Libyan people are being slaughtered, Obama seizes upon the American Defense of Marriage Act (ironically signed by President Clinton) and decides to unDefend it.

Although President Obama has said he supports the “notion” that marriage is between a man and a woman, he’s now determined to let his feigned, phony English twist, like so many Libyans, in the breeze.

Obama and his cohorts speak Liberalish, a careless, invented language that has nothing to do with freedom and everything to do with destruction, degradation and death.

When the “horses” get too frisky, “O&CO” start calling them “cows,” kick them out of the barn and worse.

This is what cowards, tyrants and liars do, because it’s so much easier. Come to think of it, this is what Obama’s father did to his first family, and however one tries to disguise it, the results are never pretty.