Death Be Not Dumb

Most Americans are proud of remarkable citizens like Arizona Congresswoman Gabby Giffords, a special person who was a Republican before she turned Democrat.  

Most of us prefer to be protected from Jared Loughner and paranoid schizophrenics who want “bitches” or “dogs” to die no matter what party they belong to. 

Most of us fear for our lives when people who’ve lost their minds have access to lethal weapons and/or power.

Most of us are not Liberals.

Could it be that now, after an American tragedy in another happy new year, most of us will demand better protection from our Government, the one that’s failed the majority in so many ways?

At different ages, about half of us learn that adversity builds like a brick-house. Without it, we end up with sticks and stones blowing in the wind.

Good parents teach children the importance of learning from mistakes, even tragedies, reassuring them about the value of being able to grieve, learn, repair and build better.  

I wonder what Americans are learning this time, after another CitizenLoser has declared with semi-automatic bullets that he has won? After he’s finally established that “he IS SOMEBODY.” 

After another crackpot is unlucky enough to be insane, yet lucid enough to subscribe to The Grand Canyon Doctrine: “Without the gun, I got no respect. With the gun, I got respect.”

After innocent Americans were slaughtered again because too many of her citizens still aren’t thinking clearly or straight about how to learn from adversity. 

After Paul Krugman, a disgrace to Princeton University, reacted like just another careless, stultified Liberal with a surfeit of axes to grind.

After Jacob Weisberg, a disgrace to SLATE Magazine, did likewise in his wildly inaccurate article about Tucson and the TeaParty.

It’s one thing to BLOG opinions. But like countless others in BlueMedia, Weisberg and Krugman get paid to sow “the Liberal word.”

Much of their opining isn’t fortified by facts, and millions of Americans eat it up anyway.

Where’s the brave person in SLATE’s audience, wise enough to call these guys on such deceptive “columnizing”?

Are you there, Liberal? It’s me, Uncle Sam.

Of course, there’s increased “vitriol” out there, now that more viewers have learned much of BlueMedia’s full of something TR called bullfeathers.  

Most empowered Liberals depend on Americans to be dumb, disconnected, or dazed. Have you ever wondered why, these days, it’s always a Conservative..or an annoying “Independent” like Bill O’Reilly, who calls apples, apples? 

Of course, many Liberals prefer silencing opponents and their mangey little Tea Parties too. Even Miss Gulch wanted to off her enemy, a menacing little yapper named Toto. 

Thank God for Dorothy, Roger Ailes, Rush, Sean, and the other side, where at least 2 wise conservative Harvard grads, Krauthammer and Kristol, counter clanging cymbals like Krugman and Weisberg.

And like Baum’s famous characters, most Americans still won’t allow Liberal opponents to intimidate or stop us with their twisted rants….especially when their misguided ways have relentlessly failed and seriously harmed our country. 

To build better and succeed, we just have to do what we’ve always done: make our voices, our votes, clear and steady enough to be heard in a nation where empowered Liberals would silence them. 

To succeed, we cannot behave as herded lambs or sheep, struck dumb by a crafted speech from a facile President scrambling to be re-elected.  

And whenever today’s newly alert citizens must behave as did Washington, the Adams Family, Jefferson, Franklin, Madison, Hamilton, Douglass, Lincoln, Reagan and King…in order to fight for American rights and her strong survival…we will. 

With all that in mind, what if America had a different reaction to adversity in Arizona?

What if well-rooted, common-sense Americans refused to keep stumbling?

What if the majority had the same constructive impact on the institution of rapid, effective justice that they did on governance in November 2010?

What if President Obama did something besides deliver another melodious speech?

What if he put the power of his administration behind an expedited trial for Loughner, so that this mass murderer faces swift and certain justice by April 2011?

What if Americans created Online HoodWatches? Like Neighborhood Watches, there could be Stand-up Community Clearing Houses to receive alerts from concerned students, friends, teachers, neighbors, parents, anyone solid and smart enough to recognize common sense warning signs.

What if the respected citizens of each community shared this info with FBI, CIA, Gun Store Owners…so that those suspected of acting out in lethal ways are immediately banned from owning firearms? So that the usual suspects actually are quickly rounded up and tested for security?

What if we treated all Terrorists the same: Do everything we can to strike first and fast before innocent Americans are killed.

Like No-Fly Lists, this approach won’t be fool-proof, but it’s a lot better than dumb, deaf, blind and dead.

Sure, deranged people would still be crazed, but at least some survivors could learn a meaning of justice.

Go, ahead. Let Liberals, Leftists, and the ACLU scream, deride, and degrade us. Frankly, my dears, most Americans don’t give a damn. 

We’re aiming to emulate our greatest American heroes: give hope wings for a change and let her fly.