PALIN Hits It Out Of The PARK at Hannity Field

The first time I heard Sarah Palin in 2008, I thought she could be America’s first female president and John McCain’s best political legacy. To me, Palin was TR in a skirt, with earthy dollops of Harry Truman. She was sensible, spiritually grounded, sharp, honest, fair and fast on her feet. 

A year later, a doggone polarizing Palin seemed more like an uncackly version of Hillary Clinton, with a lower IQ and reams more common sense. Governor Palin was another gifted woman who would be queen, but not president.

Last night, after watching the Governor’s flawless performance on Sean Hannity’s Show, I’m back to first-female-president mode.

What an improvement! And all this from a new-style American leader who bags moose, lands salmon and doesn’t eat Dover Sole. 

Palin’s getting so smooth, even the snootiest Republicans might decide to give her a second look. If she’d stop saying the CR word, they might  invite her to join one of their clubs.

Most Americans know that if Palin were a Democrat, she’d be canonized on the spot. The LameStreamers would be fawning all over her new fly jacket. Chris Matthews would feel serious spasms, and Jay Rockefeller would boot his instantly infamous bug. 

Unfortunately for them, the little Red PowerHouse keeps telling it like it is with flash and fire. Fortunately for the CommonSenseSet, Palin’s smart enough to know slings, arrows, and certifiables come with the territory.

Of course, the revilers favor burning her at the stake, like a 21st century Joan of Arc. But something tells me that this time, they won’t succeed. Unlike Obama, Palin’s as nimble politically as she is on a basketball court, able to leap metaphors in a single bound.

And speaking of, I’ll never forget begging strangers on the street to beware of Barack Obama and not to be lured to vote for him. Of course, no one listened…no friends, no family members. All came up with excuses as lame and embarrassing as most media they watch. 

I expected these answers from unReal Liberals. I also knew most Jewish and black voters were glommed in Liberal lock-step, regardless of history. 

But what on earth accounted for the thought process of RINOs who voted for Obama and his proven-to-fail Liberal philosophy?

“Oh, I got tired of W and didn’t like his getting us into war.”

“Oh, they didn’t find any WMD’s in Iraq.” 

“Oh, Obama is half-black and looks nice.”

Oh, it’s about time we had some hope and change.”

“Oh, I can’t stand Sarah Palin.”

Republicans expect Liberals to despise Palin, and we know the go wild over females like Fey, Goldberg, Behar, Obama, Boxer, and Pelosi.  But when Americans supporting the basic Republican philosopy toss their votes like confetti, they do so at my country’s peril, my peril, and that of family, friends and fellow citizens.

Those kinds of threats have always turned mothers into monsters. Governor Palin calls them MamaGrizzlies. I call them lionesses, awesome creatures who raise cubs, hunt food, and fiercely defend territory. 

Whatever you think of lions, moose, salmon, or bears, Sarah Palin makes Barack Obama look like bait. I most certainly do not wish him any harm, but he needs to go back in the sea, or to another country he likes better than America.

And Americans, especially capricious Independents and snobby Republicans, need to wise up, put aside lame excuses, and vote for the person who can be elected to right and restore America, as if her last breath depended on it…and ours. Because it does.