Revved Up for America's RED VELVET Revolution

21 years ago this month, our world watched the roll-out of the VELVET REVOLUTION, as popular demonstrations in Czechoslovakia, along with the fall of other Warsaw Pact communist governments, caused the ruling Communist Party to forfeit power. 

In December 1989, President Husak appointed his nation’s first non-communist government, and 6 months later, its people voted in their first democratic elections since 1946. 

In 1986, 3 years before this divinely providential real-life event, David Lynch’s BLUE VELVET hit American theaters.

Here’s how MOVIEFONE.Com reviews his film today: “A hallucinogneic mystery-thriller that probes beneath the cheerful surface of suburban America to discover sadomasochistic violence, corruption, drug abuse, crime and perversion.”

Now ain’t that just like a Liberal? Wherever there’s one Harriet, they’ll find 3 witches. Show them an Ozzie, and LIBS bring you horror stories every time.

Thriving as most do on Half-Empty or Bone Dry, these kinds of minds are convinced the world’s mostly a dark, perverted place. Of course it is: with  few exceptions, wherever Liberals are making more Liberals, chaos and catastrophe spread geometrically.

But what if we reversed these tortured critics and their mangey little directors too? What if some conserve-my-landmole scratched its way over to MovieFone and sneaked in reviews about this fall’s new film, RED VELVET REVOLUTION? 

Especially today, I’d join millions of Americans revved up about a new kind of movie; finally, one more of us can enjoy: 

“Off-the-charts Fall thriller where American violence, vulgarity, sadomasochism, corruption, perversion, and progressives fight to avoid melting away into the good, the wonderful, the beautiful nation, cheerfully restored by peaceful demonstrations from water-throwing citizens.”

Lucky for us, most Americans will be treated to a preview of this exciting  film today, 2 November 2010, when RED VELVET REVOLUTION opens in neighborhood theaters across the country. 

Ding Dong, the worst be gone!  America’s still at war within, but at least we’re headed in better directions:

Back to the future built by Washington, Jefferson, the Adams Family, Franklin, Madison, Hamilton, Stowe, Tubman, Frederick Douglass, Abraham Lincoln, Reagan, et al, where hope is symbolized by our American eagle, a far cry from the thing with feathers.

No matter where they live or worship, no matter what color they are, there’s nothing like cheerful human beings determined to be free. Apparently, it’s even better when they drink tea.