Why Bomb When You Can Build?

One of my favorite books should be required reading for all Americans: Troublesome Young Men by Lynne Olson.

Don’t be put off by the title…it’s actually about a few good Brits in the late 1930’s, brave citizens who risked their careers to warn of yet another German threat. Their courage and determination inspired a like-minded Churchill to take the reins, saving the free world from Nazi tyranny and takeover.

No wonder President Barack Hussein Obama returned America’s gift from the British. As our first president to spurn the heroic FreedomFighter, Obama acted swiftly to get Winston Churchill’s likeness…and all it symbolizes…out of the White House and American territory. The last thing Obama wanted were people who’d cause him trouble.

Like Churchill, Olson’s rabble-rousers were British Conservatives who drank tea, a handful of clear-headed rebels wise enough to know that enemies must be eliminated before debacles, not afterwards. 

Whatever Liberals taught you in American schools, history proves them wrong. Initially sugar-coated, the German threat delivered its devastating promise. Much worse than a bumpersticker, the Holocaust Happened…not to mention a second World War.

And despite the inexplicable voting patterns of American Jews, you don’t have to be Jewish to know this. All you have to do is think, read, imagine, and use the good brain God gave you.   

Carefully catalogued, but ignored by obsequious cowards like Neville Chamberlain, Hitler’s “struggle” soon materialized in millions of murders and mass destruction.

Like Bill Clinton’s nemesis, history wears an everlastingly blue dress. Stains remain, and as long as they live, sentient “troublemakers” warn us that reality rules. But for them, the wishes and hopes of small-picture minds perish.

In the 20th century, Harold Macmillan, Robert Boothby, Leo Amery, Ronald Cartland, Lord Robert Cranborne were some of the BigPicture rebels. Refusing to act like idiot sheep, these troublemakers protested Chamberlain’s foolish policies, in the years before Winston Churchill became Prime Minister and convinced America to fight back.

Lady Violet Bonham Carter, was one of the most intransigent females, an early, aristocratic version of Sarah Palin, minus a kid.

These outspoken Brits knew Chamberlain was 100% wrong, and persisted in declaring it, despite government and press censorship of facts which more than hinted at Hitler’s true intentions. 

The rebels risked everything to alert England that Hitler was a tyrant, a mass murderer and invader who must be stopped, not placated.  

Throughout history, brave people have always been huge pains-in-the-neck, worthy of being chopped by the opposition. 

Like President Bush and smart parents who say NO to wayward adolescents, such troublemakers are always vilified and dismissed, sometimes even after they’ve been proven right. Their few brave notes become a small chorus, which if we’re lucky, swells to a raging choir.

Today’s pains are called racists, rednecks, haters, wing nuts, Republicans, Christians, and worse. Aware of invading tyrants at home and abroad, they’ve finally become America’s madding crowd.

Many are Independents who’ve become more thoughtful. 

Some are Democrats, once determined to ignore troublesome Conservatives, who warned them about electing an ensign to do the Admiral’s job. 

Most are aggrieved Republicans, madder than hell that our elected representatives are blind, deaf, and dumb. 

America’s 21st century troublemakers are led by thorny rebels like Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Sarah Palin, Michelle Malkin, Ann Coulter, ETC. Reviled by most media and the political class, they speak for millions of concerned Americans who know what works and what fails. As with Obama’s election, they see poison, where most see sugar. 

Some American rebels sense other, chiefly unspoken, levels of perfidy. Having studied them, they recognize ancient war strategies and stealth tactics. Any day now, they’ll come right out and say America was founded on principles that don’t accomodate apostasy. 

When filled with invaders determined to destroy us, a “Trojan Horse” has no American rights and our citizens have no tolerance. 

In her stunningly educational book about 20th century courage and consequences, Lynne Olson has given us a big, clear picture of DEJA. It’s up to inquiring American minds to read it and connect the VU, the only one that matters.