Lookin at Wins and War

AEI‘s president, Arthur C. Brooks, is a lot more than a bright happy warrior for freedom’s cause. He’s very skilled in at least 2 other ways: he understands America’s enemies and he plays the French horn.

In his lastest book, the good doctor calls America’s “new race” between Free Enterprise fans and BigGovernment fans, The Battle. 

With all respect, and in this case, it’s most certainly due, this is war.

America’s TeaPartyPatriots are fighting in Dr. Brooks’ battle and for his side. But for several years, most have believed that America’s engaged in a civil war between REDS and BLUES… respectively, between people who favor our Founding Princples, as refined and improved by Abraham Lincoln, 


people who favor social democrat and/or tyrannical policies, popular in countries our ancestors came to America and founded a new nation, to escape.  

Still, unlike our first, few shots have been fired in this civil war, so it doesn’t hurt to think of it as a horse race.

Everybody knows about the last big race in 2008. Over half the nation bet on BLUE and won.

(By coincidence, divine or otherwise, the 2009 racehorse that won the first jewel of the America’s Triple Crown, was BigBrown. )

Those voters bet on the color of Hope, its silks and styles.

They bet on Change, the surreptitious jockey astride BigGovernment Control.

They put their money on Snakeoil, a trainer with deep allegiances to the tenets of Muslim patriarch-power and Leftist revolutions, unloving “faiths” which are antithetical to those of America’s Founders…which are opposite any faith held by Abraham Lincoln, the greatest of all presidents, who refined and enshrined America’s founding principles.

They bet on Liberal immigration policies, where people not rooted in America’s Founding Principles, illegally flood our country, multiply, entrench, and cast the Liberal Democrat die. 

They booked on the absolute unreality that over time, disconnected immigrants would not have children and, by voting for bankrupt Liberal and/or anti-Constitutional policies, destroy the America of Abraham, Frederick, Harriet, Martin, John, and Ron.

They voted for another American president who cannot grasp the existential folly of constructing places of worship for a faith inimical to our Founders, our Lincoln, our Constitution, our beloved country.

They bet on a man with deliberate, systematic intentions to sabotage America’s financial system without stepping on a plane. As anyone with a wallet and a functional brain can see, he has succeeded.

By now, millions of Americans realize they bet foolishly and wrong, in an extraordinarily reckless gamble that put America on the edge of destruction.   

But most still don’t realize that the horse they bet on was never a horse, of course.

Barack Obama, and other Liberals like him, are donkeys, asses who get the rest of us killed. You cannot lead them to potable water, and you can’t make them drink.

To avoid the destruction of our beloved country, and for all of those who don’t love and cherish American pie, let them eat and drink elsewhere. And leave us in peace.