MADMEN Meet MS. Pelosi

If you’ve forgotten what MADMEN look like, tune into amctv.com or visit Capitol Hill.

You’ll see frightening examples of 1960’s MADMEN, on AMC TV’s award-winning series.

You’ll find their terrifying 2010 counterparts in the US Congress, among the crazed, cowardly Democrats voting to bankrupt America.

At this writing, 216 Congressional Demcrats and the requisite number of Democrat Senators, are BlueRibbon winners of contempt, scorn, and anger from the majority of American people.

Over 50% of Americans have concluded these MADMEN are in fact, losers.

Like so many AdMen, plenty of today’s DEMs have lost their families, their nerve, and all sense of decency. Unlike them, all supporters of ObamaCare will lose their jobs.

Anyone who has watched the brilliant TV series knows that some of its women also have special forms of madness. Much of their undoing results from years of acting as “cheeseburgers” for all those hungry men. 

Along the way to being more than burgers, many women became much less. Since the 1970’s, part of America welcomed a new group who made MADMEN look tame.

Then, in 2006, the US House got its first Queen, Nancy Pelosi, a pompous, tyrannical female who speaks for MADMEN, not the majority of US.

Wherever they exist, MADMEN & WOMEN are locomotives without brakes. They crash and explode, doing what their reckless egos,  hormones and chemistry insist they must: nail the account at all costs.

This is war, and all Americans not yet mad, will win it.