Nancy Born Eency: Get Thee to a Nursery

Assuming she herself is a spider, what can Nancy Pelosi teach America about arachnids?

What prompted her to reference the SpiderSong to describe Health Care Service reform efforts?

Did her recent toddler adjectives reflect leadership skills, or covert longings for a different agenda?

Would SpeakerSpider secretly prefer a new waterspout, in the best nursery her California government can provide? A place where she can quote ditties al day long, and no one will think anything of it?  

At what point did Pelosi herself become a full-fledged spider? Was Nancy ever eency? How did she manage to keep climbing?

What made her decide to sit on a tuffet and turn into a tarantula? 

Can Pelosi tell us how her brain became a sticky web of wackery & deceit?

Besides sticking it to us, did she spin herself silly in her own tangled maze?

Is it hopeless to think any PrimaTarantula can change, well before she begins languishing?

Could SpeakerSpider ever go back to being Little Miss Nancy? An eecny, yet sincere spider?  A weensy, but decent arachnid?

Is it too late for her to learn anything at all from SpiderMan, an American hero with CenterRight Values? Can she ever become honorable like Spidey; radiant and unselfish, like Charlotte?

Besides those 2, are there any spiders left who believe in redemption, repentance, reformation? Or is this another reason God blessed us with rain?