Today’s Liberal DEMS don’t give a damn about the American People.

But frankly, that’s all they have in common with Rhett Butler. Not one Liberal Democrat on Capitol Hill is truly brave, practical, thrifty, or clear-headed. If they were, they would have voted smart and done the right thing…last year.

Wiser Americans like Mark Twain, knew plenty of politicians gave loose-lip service to the people they were elected to represent.  

But as regular, down-to-earthers, most TeaParty Independents were late to grasp the abject fullness of this fact. Appalled, and just plain stunned, they determined to take a huge stab at righting such deeply entrenched wrongs.

Judging from voting and viewing habits, 50% of Americans in the Information Age have little interest in learning facts at all. Even “well-educated” citizens go along in a daze. They seem unconcerned about national security, that who leads determines how fast and whether America burns.

Had they lived in 19th century Atlanta, when Sherman stormed the city, they would have gone down in flames. We all know they lost the war.  

At least Captain Butler was clued-in early to what was happening. Besides saving his money, he fought like hell to escape a burning city, and did, lugging Scarlett & Co. with him.

Now in another back-to-future moment,  Wall-writing Experts predicted what would happen in 2008, when too many glazed Americans forgot about all levels of security: fiscal, ethical, social, national. Chiefly because they weren’t paying attention, America is burning away.

And it’s fast becoming axiomatic that Liberals get the rest of us killed.    

The good news is that, even people who still aren’t focused on the now crucial connection between voting and survival, know a bit about what just happened in Virginia, New Jersey, and Massachusetts.

Under siege, more citizens know that TeaParty Independents morphed into Rhett Butlers and Scarlett O’Haras. Millions of give-a-damn Americans united in rebellion against clear, past and present failures of Liberalism and its proven toxic policies. 

Granted, we the People have only won the first 3 battles.

The good news is that, starved for freedom, we’ve vowed never to go hungry again.