Romney-Ryan, the Right Red Track in 2012

Remember the story about the man in his apartment, where the flood waters keep rising? Praying to God to save him, the tenant bails away. 

A man with a rowboat knocks on his door, but the bailer sends him away. Intent on saving his home, his possessions, he refuses, declaring that God’s going to save him. 

Again, another knock at the door, and then another. Again, he tells the man with the boat to “go away, I don’t need your help, God will take care of me.”

The waters flood through the man’s apartment, as he cries out to his Supreme Being: “God, why didn’t you save me? Where were you in my hour of need? You said you’d take care of me!”

In a thunderous voice God replies: “Hey, man, I tried 3 times. I was the One with the rowboat.”

For those of you who believe in Divine Providence, Mitt Romney’s the man with the boat. And America’s more than blessed to have him in these perilous times. 

Romney has everything 76% of Americans still admire: common sense, wisdom, honesty, kindness, brains, family, faith, loyalty, the whole integrity package. He even looks good enough to pass the Liberal Style Test.

On top of all that we profess to admire in and out of our places of worship, Mitt Romney sports the secular crown jewel: superior business acumen. He knows how to get the job done and well. He knows what makes businesses grow and thrive, so that American citizens can also.

After their disastrous hook-up with a myth who has no business (and comparatively small life) experience, more Americans have learned at least 4 lessons:

1) Never elect a president who hasn’t run a business. 

2) Never appoint an Ensign to do The Admiral’s Job.

3) Never elect a president who is dishonest to the core.

4) Never elect a president who has father-issues.

Once again, God’s clearly looking out for America. In the time remaining to us, God help us count the signs, recognize their meaning, and save our beloved country. 

Instead of offering a rowboat, God’s landed us a leader with a ship, to save all citizens who, this time, will surely be wise enough to come on board.

Of course, God always has a back-up plan. He’s also provided the amazing Paul Ryan to help Romney stay the course. Not to mention an awesome crew to right America’s ship again, and get it sailing free, strong, and true.