Armageddon Happens

God gets seriously PO-ed when Man messes up. He always has.

If you prefer, call it Fate or Mother Nature. Whatever you choose, the results are horrendous.  And depending on where you live, and who’s in charge of your country, those results give us glimpses of the end, or full-scale Armageddon.

Like New Orleans, Haiti’s latest natural disaster compounds decades of man-made horrors. It’s inevitable to get one or the other, but God made “Man” to create defenses.  

When “Man” messes-up, Armageddon happens. It’s bad enough when Man gets it right; but it is possible, and to show us how, we have literary and historical blueprints galore.

Besides Noah’s Ark, the horrible story of Haiti reminds me of the Three Little Pigs. 

Remember the first 2 pigs who sang, danced, and built their houses of sticks or straw? When the wolf came along, he blew away those little LIBS faster than you can say Frank & Dodd.

Then there was Cheney, the gruff little pig, toiling away to construct his safe brick house. It might not have fared so well in Haiti, but he’d still have a fireplace to call his own.  

Half the world hates a Cheney, and all brick-house pigs like him. But when wolves blow into town, the straw & stick set run for cover. If they’re lucky, they’ll find protection, food, and shelter in the brick-house. 

Then, for a brief, shining moment in time, they realize the Cheneys of the world had it right all along.

Unlike the people of New Orleans, the Haitians have little say about the wolves who’ve ravaged their nation. But as in Louisiana, the Cheneys of the world now have a chance to help re-build Haiti right, from the ground up.

It’s too soon for most to be thinking about wise little pigs, safe-houses, and standards. But I can’t help thinking about fish, that it’s better to teach a man how to fish, than to give him 5 billion barrels of them. 

People I know, all well-intentioned Liberals, are quick to flood Haiti with monetary donations. Many are manic about wanting to prove how badly they feel for these abjectly sad, suffering people.  

Of course, thousands of givers have nothing to prove. They just care.

Republicans and Independents are also donating millions, although most pause to make sure they’re going to reliable organizations. Bill O’Reilly informs us he’s given to Haiti as often as he tells us he went to Harvard, wisely advising us to ensure our gifts get into the right hands.

Liberals are top-notch fish-providers. President Clinton flooded Haiti with fish and continues to try to help. But most Liberals fail miserably at teaching people how to fish; not to mention, how to manage their money.

Anyone with eyes, ears, and a brain in-between, can see the disastrous results in America’s own Liberalands, starting with Chicago.

For BigPicture, “brick-house” success, Haiti needs reliable organizations like the RedCross helping them. Besides bulldozers, law and order, it needs 50 solid businessmen and women, Romney & Cheney-types, who know how to get the job done right and well.  

Whatever you choose to call them, they do a far, far better job of keeping more people safe. They know how to re-build right, giving Haiti a better chance for to survive natural and man-made disasters.

After remembering Haiti, more Americans are re-learning that lesson in Massachusetts.