Obama Hath Wrought What Thee & We Predicted

Not that EE asked me to.  Still, I wish I could do a good job of replying to his latest RedState question: What Hath Obama Wrought? 

Yet why not try & count the ways? 

1) I could always try the stuffy approach with something like:

Lacking solid conservative guidance, dissing & dismissing God at every turn, America has hit the iceburg. Now under President Obama, and as predicted by many Conservatives, America is sinking fast. In short, Obama hath hastened America’s destruction geometrically.

Oh, shoot. Among other things, Liberals would call that self-righteous. But Conservatives are relentlessly proven right, and rarely mind saying so.  Plus, any American worth his/her salt could care less what Liberals declare. They’ve had their say and as usual, it’s excruciatingly wanting. Now, also as long predicted, it’s getting the rest of us killed.

2) Unable to beat them, I could always join the LIBS and reply with something bone-crushingly stupid like:

“War is Not the Answer.” 

3) I could be professorial & quote a wise historical figure like Edmund Burke:

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

4) I could always morph into a post-modern psychiatrist:

Men like Obama & Holder, crippled by severe TeenageWeakling-ParentalAbandonment Traumas, project dysfunctionally manic forms of Adult-Stage Power-and-Honesty Abuse Syndrome. Combine this with their Leftist political leanings, then observe findings of what us pros hath wrought that warrant patients’ immediate confinement. Case footnote: Hitler was physically beaten by his father, Obama was beaten in every other way. Holder’s case file still in analysis. No fee for this professional advice, you’ve already paid dearly enough.

5) I could always pretend to be Bill Fresh-Ratings O’Reilly:

Look, I’d like to give President Obama the benefit of the doubt here.

6) Or I could always be what I am, a real regular American TeaPartyPatriot:

Hear ye all, in this our solemn accusation of wrongdoing by a public official, for the high crimes of his deliberate, systematic bankrupting of America; for his treasonous, systematic failures to protect the security of our nation and its citizens (henceforth known as, “egregiously jeopardizing American safety & security, which all US Presidents are charged to safeguard”), President Barack H. Obama merits impeachment post haste.