TR Called it "Bullfeathers"

Americans have gone a long way away from TR’s polite euphemism for bullpoop. More vulgar than ever, many LIBS are now so full of “bullfeathers,” they’ve crossed a universally recognized line, into the Twilight Zone.

Ironically, in today’s America, the steady drop of “bullfeathers” is even worse than Chinese Water Torture. It makes Conservatives mad the minute they first hear it. Most Liberals don’t grasp what’s happening, if they listen at all.

Now, what many Liberals say and think is no longer some harmless, oft-repeated version of a tall-tale. It’s out-and-out prevarication that’s  delusional and dangerous. It threatens our national security, survival, and spreads like wildfire. 

Say it often enough, and one Liberal lie becomes their latest version of truth, hot off the press, magnified geometrically by a relentless, ubiquitous “BlueMedia.”

The scariest thing for America, is that many of these people believe their tales are true. And they’re doing all in their power to convince every last featherhead they can find.

My Conservative friend in LA, aka, “Yes, California, there is a Santa Claus,” says she hears “a shocker” every day. Most of the “shockers” emanate from Obama’s Administration, brought to us by millions of Americans with feathers on the brain.

I was one of them too when I was under forty. After that age, people are supposed to be quicker to recognize “bullfeathers” when they see them.

But, as a wise lyricist taught us, “you have to be carefully taught” to learn the difference between what’s true and what’s false, what’s right and what’s wrong, what works and what fails. And that there is one.

Here’s a small, seemingly trivial example of how one little BullBrain reporter got it wrong, and then spread feathers all over the place.

Reporter reports. You decide. Between the Liberal Truth or the Conservative One:

Writing about Senator Dodd’s declared decision to quit before he was fired, Walter Shapiro dubbed the following “an elegantly crafted statement” :

“None of us are irreplaceable. None of us are indisposable. Those who think otherwise are dangerous.”

We all know that elegance, like Beauty, has long been in the eye of the beholder. Two of my Leftist English Professors wrote elegantly, but I’m sorry to say that I haven’t seen an elegant Liberal since I watched “Charade.”

Most Liberals say they see elegance in the current First Lady, and at least one at PoliticsDaily  finds it in more BullBrain statements from Senator Dodd.

OK. Enough from the uppity English Major. I make grammatical errors all the time. Then again, no one calls my statements “elegantly crafted.”

Onward to the dunderheadedness of Dodd himself, not to mention Shapiro. As usual, the Conservative take is diametrically opposed to both Liberal views, incorrectly delivered to sound like facts the audience “has to be carefully taught.”

Dodd says that none of us is “irreplaceable,” but, unless he was talking about today’s Senators, it’s like much of what he says: “bullfeathers.”

No clear-brained person believes that Americans like George Washington, John and Abigail Adams, Hamilton, Franklin, Jefferson, Lincoln, Frederick Douglass, Harriet Tubman, Harriet Beecher Snowe, Ruth, Robinson, Ray Charles, Elvis, Martin Luther King, Jr., Ronald Reagan, etc., etc. are replaceable.

It’s possible Dodd was referring to Senators only, but he’s still full of feathers. Some great Senators, like LBJ and Rayburn can never be “replaced” and weren’t.

But you have to give it to Senator Dodd for speaking the truth in a round-about way. You could call it a form of elegance. Like most of his colleagues, he’s stayed in the Senate long enough to become dangerous, and the time for recognizing that fact is now.