Before Grover Was a Muppet, He was President

Besides Bert, Ernie, and “a Wonderful Life,” Jim Hensen loved his Democrat Presidents. And some of their relatives too. Grover, Roosevelt Franklin, and Kermit come quickly to mind.

Hensen’s muppets remain beloved as ever. And with the election of Barack Obama, today’s DEMS thrill to compare him to FDR. But while they’re off having fun, careful researchers like Amity Shlaes revealed that, in the financial arena, Franklin Roosevelt got a lot of things backwards.

Still, so far, no DEM who’s not a Muppet has rushed to be compared to our twenty-second and twenty-fourth president, Stephen Grover Cleveland.

Why should they? There’s only one thing today’s LIBS have in common with him and Hensen’s Grover. They’re all blue. 

Like the aptly named Truman, Cleveland was known for his character, honesty and integrity. He was strong, solid, opposed taxes, corruption, patronage and inflationary policies.

Say what? Grover Cleveland was a Classical Liberal, as different from today’s LIBS as Mozart and Eminem.

5 Score and 23 years ago, here’s what Grover Cleveland told America. It’s worth reading and recollecting that integrity’s not just for muppets anymore:

“When we consider that the theory of our institutions guarantees to every citizen the full enjoyment of ALL the fruits of HIS industry and enterprise, with ONLY such deduction as may be his share toward the CAREFUL and  ECONOMICAL maintenance of the Government which PROTECTS him, it is PLAIN that the exaction of MORE than this is INDEFENSIBLE EXTORTION and a culpable BETRAYAL of American fairness and justice…

The public Treasury, which should ONLY EXIST as a CONDUIT conveying the PEOPLE’s tribute to its LEGITIMATE objects of expenditure, becomes a HOARDING PLACE for money NEEDLESSLY withdrawn from trade and the PEOPLE’s use, thus CRIPPLING our national energies, SUSPENDING our country’s development, PREVENTING investment in PRODUCTIVE enterprise, threatening FINANCIAL DISTURBANCE, and inviting SCHEMES of PUBLIC PLUNDER.”

Based on the wisdom of American men and women of integrity, President Obama should be impeached. My words.