Today's Libs Always Get the Rest of US Killed, 1 Way or Another

All the way back then…in the 1970’s!…many Republicans dubbed President Carter the kind of “leader” who gets the rest of us killed.

Since the 70’s, Liberal Democrats have “only” become more dangerous and delusional.

OK, so 3 Bigtimes fooled, shame on us.

But since this is RedState, let’s call it like it is: Shame on them…all the Independents & Republicans who forgot what they learned after Kindergarten, refused to listen, and voted for Obama in 2008.

Notwithstanding proof-positive that today’s LIBS use a different kind of math, which merited an F when I went to school, let’s start counting the foolish ways:

You don’t have to be Einstein to start with Jimmy Carter.

Fool Them ONCE:

In “Boomer Years,” Carter’s the first certified Liberal Democrat disaster in our lifetime. He had no idea how to be bold, strong, and effective, and it still shows.

He’s great at helping the poor get decent homes, a wonderfully worthy endeavor for his exclusive focus. But not good enough for his massive, misguided ego.

#1 “Mama’s Boy.”

Fool Them TWICE:

Next to come on the Roster’s your basic moral disaster, President Clinton.

I say “your” because at that stage of my young life, Bill Clinton was the first “Red-Flag” presidential DEM candidate I’d never think of supporting. Everything I learned about him made me see RED, so I voted Independent for the 3rd time in my short, historically irrelevant life.

But in 1992, boatloads of Boomers and I were still too green to know that voting Independent was like hauling a Trojan Horse into the White House. Open him up and Liberal Democrats pour out.

Shame on most Americans a second time, for electing Clinton. For paying zero attention to what/who shaped the lives of TWO dangerously misguided, Liberally-marinated males, desperate to make up for boyhood deficiencies with ultimate power.

#2 “Mama’s Boy,” with no strong, solid fathering.


Swept up in LiberalMedia Torrents, the other commonality of these major judgment errors, the majority of Americans hoped another weak, Liberal DEM would rescue us from the despised boot-wearing, gun-toting Alpha Males raised in strong, traditional, tough-love Conservative homes.

Although Carter and Clinton failed by all time-honored standards, the majority of Americans still held out hope that, though clearly unseasoned, a half-black Barack Obama could pick up the slack, blazing a new trail of respected Liberal Democrat leadership, where Truman left off.

Casting all serious thought patterns to the wind, most Americans acted and voted like sheep for the 3rd time; again, with no notice of the wolf in their midst.

#3 “Mama’s Boy” with dangerous issues and ideas.

All 3 of these Liberal DEMOCRAT presidents have very high IQ’s and the Common Sense of radishes. All 3 were chiefly raised by loosey-goosey mothers, as different from Sara Delano as apples are from figs.

Now that old saying “Fool Me Three Times” brings more than shame on them. 5 decades of letting Liberals “have their head” socially, culturally, educationally, & politically kills America in several ways:

First, it degrades and weakens our culture, our schools, our people.
Second, it destroys our integrity and bankrupts our economy.
Third, it marinates us for ” the roasting,” inwardly and externally.

Our Founding Fathers and Mothers called such people what they are: the kinds Americans fight & win revolutions to remove from power.