O & CO's Deliberate Destruction of America

Hear Ye, Hear Ye, Read all about it, You All! 

O&CO are hard at work running their company into the ground, and the company is us. Rather than manage it productively and well, like Fred Smith runs FEDEx, O&CO do all they can to cut America off at the knees. 

It’s not unusual for community activists and politicians to know nothing about best business practices. But with or without a grin, anyone can read enough to learn how to bankrupt America, systematically, deceitfully, and in record time. 

Put another way, if our country were a side of beef, and Obama the chef, he’s marinating America for the roasting.  Day by day, O&Co break down our nation, domestically and abroad.

Far exceeding standard Liberal myopia, O&CO‘s relentless methods seem increasingly mad to many Americans. Apparently, the rest are ignorant, somnolent, drugged up, on the take, or slobbering to be seen with this weak, dangerous president.

Only a few Americans seem to know what O&CO are actually up to. One brave civilian recently called Obama’s systematic bankrupting of our nation, treason.

If words like preserve, protect, defend  have any meaning at all, he has to be right.