What Michael Kelly Knew & When He Knew It

As Michael Kelly said about Bill Clinton: Obama lies out of a failure of courage. He does not want to face hard truths; he does not want to pay a price; he does not want to feel his own pain. So, he will swallow a fiction, rather than deal with unpleasant reality.

Long live Michael Kelly and may he rest in peace. 6 years ago, while covering the war in Iraq, another brave American with the rare capacity to know that apples are apples, died.

Today’s Liberals have become infamous for insisting that apples are figs. As if allergic to the cruelty of real life, they transform its “unpleasantness” into  quick shots of protective falsehoods. To ease their pain, many thrive on various truth-changing antidotes, often without knowing or caring that they’ve altered what’s real.

It’s why Liberals think Eric Holder’s recent KSM horror is “spot on,” to use one of their fave new expressions. And why Conservatives think Obama’s AG has lost his mind. Our brains are wired differently, and we often perceive reality in opposite ways.

Trouble is, Obama and today’s Liberals don’t just “swallow fictions” to ease their pain. Like Jim Jones, they’re forcing the rest of us to swallow them also, in a nation where most still want to live free and not die.

Fooling around with real life is a glorious approach in the creative process. But when applied to governance, falsifying reality gets the rest of us killed, after having triggered the worldwide financial meltdown and doing everything to bankrupt America.

When Michael Kelly was alive, he was insightful enough to know and reveal that President Clinton was incapable of telling “hard truths.” Obama’s also plagued with Clinton’s bum-father-issues, and lies because he too was never equipped to be brave. Lying comes with the dark territory of fear and shame, where both Presidents try to live in peace.

Of course, on the other side, masses of Libs insist that Sarah Palin lies even without father-issues. Like Obama in reverse, where Palin sees apples, Liberals see those pesky little figs again.  Yet, despite excruciating Liberal pain, nothing besides drugs or dementia changes the reality that apples are apples, figs are figs, and blue dresses are blue dresses.