The Horror of Having No Say

On the way to September’s Taxed Enough Already Rally protesting reckless Government Spending, I spied a woman dressed in red. Without thinking, I offered her a ride. It never crossed my mind that she’d be dangerous, and it turned out I was right.  

We walked together to Freedom Plaza and a friendship began. After the fiscal conservative rally ended, she went back to her city, and I to mine. Like drug addicts, we’d been on a brief, resounding high before returning to our respective Blue states.

Separated by our country, we stay united in the cause to save it. We call our CongressPeople, fax them, and visit their offices. We bring banners to rallies begging our elected representatives to listen to the will of the People. We attend seminars with like-minded people also refusing to serve as Liberals’ American Depress Cards. We talk passionately to friends, families, even strangers, in futile efforts to communicate that America is steeped in corruption and led by tyrants.

Some of them, including family members, think we’re the ones who are losing it. If an intelligent journalist like Evan Thomas has no idea how ordinary Americans think, perceive, and analyze….what could 2 mothers know?

Like millions of other real and regular common sense Americans, my friend and I keep fighting because we’re scared, outraged, impotent patriots. We don’t know what else to do. We’re not famous, murderous, rich, naked, or powerful.  And of course, no one is listening.

Every day, we’re horrified by what this president and his band of small, ignorant minds are doing to weaken our country. Like many of us, we think the efforts are deliberate and systematic.  Incapable of serious commanding, Obama rules like a Chef-in-Chief marinating America for the roasting. 

Most of us are afraid to speak out about the horrors in his Leftist recipes. Even RedState. com “dumps you” if you write anything “they” don’t like.

If we lived in pre-1970 France, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid would be slated for the guillotine. If they were black in 1940’s America, they’d be lynched. If we lived in China today, they, and people like Barney Frank and Chris Dodd, would be executed for contaminating our financial supply.

I’m certainly not advocating any of these things. But I’m all for tarring and feathering the scoundrels, or as my mother-in-law said: “Bopping them.” 

Yet, as America stands today, no one can get close to Empress Pelosi. Even if you can find her on the House Floor, you can’t say a word without being escorted out of the Gallery. And she won’t grant you an audience unless you worship her properly. No wonder all rebels take to the street. No wonder our Founding Fathers knew the value of the Second Amendment.

I also know the majority in Pelosi’s San Francisco think fiscal conservatives are the Americans in need of medication. They live in another world and will never be persuaded to vote her out.

My new California friend and I try not to despair. I share with her what someone once told me, “despair is the devil chatting you up,” and easily disengage from the conversation.

Next I think about Frederick Douglass, Abe Lincoln, Harriet Tubman, Martin Luther King, Jr., and the centuries-old battles for black American civil rights. 

The thought of what generations of various brave soldiers endured, helps put America’s recent ravagings in perspective.

Surely this is just another war for national survival, and America will triumph in a world not quite awash in WMD’s.

But my friend and I have lost track of the “shockers,” her name for the daily horrors perpetrated by this president. It’s all part of Obama’s Excellent Adventure, one giant rush to glue America to the place of Liberal Dreams and Conservative Nightmares.