Counseling Infidels: Last, Do Great Harm

The morning after, what can we think about Major Nidal Hasan? What do we know about this middle-aged male from Virginia, schooled in Maryland, a Muslim MD who joined the Army after 911, worked at Walter Reed, then counseled our brave soldiers at Fort Hood, Texas?

As we dance around the horror of what this Poor-Performance-Major did, how many of us are quietly focusing on who he was, afraid to speak what they suspect is true? Does it matter?  

First, should we agree that Nidal could have been a Baptist but was not? Can we recall how many murderous thugs have been Christians, Jews, Atheists, but not so much lately? 

Was Nidal Hasan “always a Muslim,” as his loyal, knee-jerk cousin insists? If so, where did his parents come from? After the commission of this clear and despicable crime, we’ll be able to see actual birth certificates….if for no other reason than many Americans still know that how people grow up, where they come from, and faith, or lack of it, matter.

Does anyone have a right to know what this crazed man said to our fine PTSS soldiers? How he counseled all his unsuspecting patients, American men and women who sacrifice everything to protect us? Truly courageous soldiers who die laying foundations for more free and honorable civilizations, so that horrors like Hasan are free to shoot confined, unarmed American soldiers point-blank?

If Hasan feared war, why did he enlist? How long after 911 did he think he could avoid transfer to a dangerous theater? Long enough to blend with the enemy and appear to be their counselor and friend? Long enough to comprehend his marching orders?

Did he take orders from inner demons? Did he answer the call of Jihad? Or most lethal, both?

It is time to remember that a world of “losers” have always needed power-groups, and sworn allegiance to their evil ways? Should we recall how run-of-the-town gangs operate and how they express loyalty? Would you believe reminiscing about Jim Jones again?

Can we at least agree that licensing psychiatrists with serious “issues” is dangerous, unprofessional and wrong? Why do clueless psychiatrists who speak in mentally unhealthy ways get to retain their licenses? Who puts them on the couch? Is anyone qualified? 

How many of us non-MD’s know which soldier needed a well-adjusted psychiatrist and why?

What do we make of fellow soldiers and superiors who knew of Hasan’s rants and left them unchecked?

Was Nidal Hasan “just” an old version of teen-rage mass murderers; sorry to say, another known loser who was tired of being bullied and not going to take it anymore…especially after the United Sates Army had officially declared him a “poor performer” ?

The joy de jour for such scum is going out like a winner, killing sworn enemies in the process. No matter what kind of faith you wear on your sleeve; but today, especially if you’re any kind of Jihadist at heart.