Belated Birthday Wishes

October was a big month for Teddy Roosevelt: he celebrated his birthday, married Alice, and addressed Brooklyn’s Young Republican Club.

Stumping in the Cleveland-Blaine race, he described the Club’s members as having “won for themselves so honorable a name for their upright and fearless independence, and who have yet had the good sense to show that, though Independents, they are emphatically and distinctly Republicans, and that they mean to reform and not to destroy the party to which they belong.”

It’s November already, 2009 no less. I’m late in honoring a favorite president and can’t get his words out of my head. Election day is tomorrow, just the right time to read them and heed them.

Each month of lethal Liberal policies could be America’s last. If you think that’s melodramatic, ask any survivor of the Depression and World War II, a tragic time when WMD’s were not dotting the map.

Besides, as history would have it, TR’s fearless Independents are acting upright again. They’ve relearned that, bad as the Republican Party has been, as national Parties go, it still comes closest to basic instincts most common sense Americans share: fiscal responsibility; smaller representative government; individual responsibility; strong, brave defense policies; clear, organized thought patterns; pragmatic actions; effective results; solid American loyalty and faith.

In today’s uniquely dangerous world, Republicans and Independents can’t afford to vote wrong again. No Americans who espouse any of the above  principles can afford to act as if they’re betting on a football team or raising their hand at an auction.

And when those running the GOP are acting like today’s Liberal Democrats, it’s past time to reform the party. Fortunately, it’s still not too late to listen to a few great presidents.

In honor of TR, a first order of reform is to rennovate the party name. The principles of the Republican Party are grand and old, but our name should reflect what those principles represent. 

If there’s one word that reflects our goals, Liberty is it. America’s fuller, fairer liberty began with Abraham Lincoln. Most Americans have long loved and admired President Lincoln. 

What a great time to listen to Teddy and go with Abe. Demanding that Republican pilots straighten up and fly right, let’s also call our meandering  GOP by a fuller, fairer name: Lincoln’s Liberty Party.

In order to conserve, to preserve our beloved country, let’s unite under this honorable name in celebration of principles most Americans still share.