Solving a Problem Like Palin

Like many Americans, I’m not quite sure what to think about Sarah Palin. She’s a lot more trouble than Maria, and actually gave birth to all those children. But, as if her brood were beloved horses, Palin had trainers care for them, so she could race the track.

A dwindling number of Americans comprehend that how parents raise their children matters. A few pay attention to what happens to society when kids run wild, or are herded around like horses.

Children are like Seabiscuits: beside good fathers, they need “mothers” like Tom Smith to bring out the best in them. For a long time, they need total immersion mothers, whose other job is caring for them the other half of the day.

If you’re hoping to produce Seabiscuits, you follow the example of full-time “trainers” like Tom Smith and Maria von Trapp.

If you hope to be Seabiscuit, you eat right, practice running, and make different family choices.

For children’s sake, that’s where the personal ambition and competitiveness buck should stop, but in today’s ” ‘Tis of Me America,” it doesn’t. 

It’s part of what Governor-to-Be Bob McDonnell was getting at in his college paper, and he was right. Because he was running for public office, he had to backtrack, but anyone with common sense can see the disastrous results of children run amuck in America. 

If you can’t find them in Alaska, Florida, or on Nancy Grace, see The Sound of Music again, and watch post-Maria differences unfold.

Or read about Seabiscuit. Pre-Smith, the legendary horse floundered around eating and sleeping, a shadow of his true champion self.

Obviously, Palin’s family choices are what they are. Yet here’s what secure, unspiteful thinkers can admire about this sharp, unsilly woman, imperfect as Maria and possibly as significant:

1) Sarah Palin’s a “Walter Berns Patriot,” willing to fight and persevere to protect American Freedoms.

2) She actually is brave, honest, undaunted, unpretentious, decent and nice, qualities many more Americans once valued.

3) Palin dreams the impossible dream and is covered with scars, but no one will sing about her because she’s not dead, a white, black Liberal, Latina, or Muslim.

4) She’s not full of bullbeep and what you see is what you get.

5) Atypically, she hides her serious beauty to accomplish her serious goals.

6) She’s a 21st century Paul Revere, her horse isn’t high, and when she falls off, she gets back on.

7) She’s not Seabiscuit, but whatever the ride, she’s worth betting on in America’s Freedom Race.