The Gift of Simple Truth

Sometimes the truth is simple. Its messengers are mostly meek: from Christ, Ghandi and King, to regular Joes like the Plumber and the Congressman.

Response to their simple gifts is often vicious, hateful and prolonged…until enough people in the crowd recover their senses, one by one.

In the last century, British crowds lost their heads and elected a dangerously untruthful Neville Chamberlain as Prime Minister. Later, a dauntless reporter for The Sunday Times wrote that “Chamberlain made the most misleading and inaccurate statements, which he was determined to see published so as to make his policies appear credible and successful. From the moment he entered #10 in 1937, he sought to manipulate the press into supporting his policy of appeasing the dictators…in order to cling to power, Chamberlain was prepared to abuse truth itself. Quite simply, he told lies.”

By now, most Americans realize that Neville Chamberlain wasn’t honest, brave, or right. But back then, only a small band of British rebels knew a rare journalist’s truth, and had the heart to insist it be told. A few good Brits, men and women, had the life-saving courage to force a loser out of Door #10, and to welcome a winner in.

Winston Churchill, like other truly great leaders, recognized evil when he saw it, and knew when war was a necessary one. Prime Minister Chamberlain hadn’t a clue. To cover the cluelessness masking his cowardice, he lied repeatedly and relentlessly…nation and allies be damned.

Many in today’s world know about Chamberlain, modern history’s Great Appeaser. Fewer realize he was the Great Prevaricator, who also censored  everyone opposing his invalid policies.

If this sounds familiar, you’re getting warm.

These days, some of us flail around, comparing President Obama to the Great Appeaser, and Obama’s backward socialist policies to Hitler’s tyranny. We can’t help but notice Obama’s reckless attempts to out-Rushmore Roosevelt, the one who didn’t make it to the mount.

But what if more of us focused on the simple truth that…regradless of race, color, creed, and economic status…most thinking, caring Americans cannot “afford” to have another dangerous, dishonest president at the most lethal time in world history?

We could start by being thankful that the verb “to lie” is back in America’s lexicon, that a couple of Joes (along with some guys named Rush, Sean, Glen, and Ann) are now out there exposing bare-faced presidential lies. And are still free to report them.

Even if you despise these messengers, you owe it to yourself and your family to listen to what they are saying. As you do, please try to remember that another small band of canary-citizens gave us the leadership that saved your free world. 

If not, recall Joe the Plumber of 2008, the simple, truthful man who outed the masquerading contents of Obama’s Trojan Horse, filled with secret plans to spread America’s worker wealth to non-woker bees.

And few can forget Joe the Congressman, who also revealed the simple truth that President Obama “wasn’t wearing any clothes.” Instantly, Joe Wilson became America’s little Danish boy, the first elected representative with the courage to state publicly that “quite simply,” Obama was lying. 

Come to think of it, the little word lie has always dressed in one costume or another, as if every day were Halloween. It’s always worn many masks: from exaggeration, embellishment, flimflam, and hogwash to Balderdash, bullbeep and spin.

Even Moses delivered a muddle, until Webster freed us from doubt. To “bear false witness” is dictionary-defined as “to lie, speak falsely or utter untruth knowingly, as with intent to deceive.”

But Halloween’s mostly dear children dress up as monsters once a year. The little lie morphs daily, and in the opposite direction. It begins as a monster and dresses down, disguising its true intentions. And parts of our world still think they’re in for a treat.