Palin to Obama: 'Give me a call'

Former Governor Palin has kindly offered President Obama a helping hand with regards to the BP oil spill:

JUNEAU, Alaska — Sarah Palin says President Barack Obama’s acknowledgment that he hasn’t directly spoken to BP’s chief executive shows it “bodes well to have some sort of executive experience before occupying the Oval Office.”

The former Alaska Governor made the comment Tuesday on her Facebook page. Then she outlined her own experience.

Palin also urges Obama to contact experts who have held oil companies accountable.

“Give them a call,” she writes. “Or, what the heck, give me a call.”

Palin’s latest missive is extensive, chiding not only Obama, but the media for not calling him out. She also extolls her own administration’s efforts to ensure “Big Oil” operated ethically and responsibly.

Of course President Obama’s lack of executive experience was well known and widely discussed during the campaign leading up to the 2008 elections. But it was time for the pendulum to swing from one party to the other, in this case from Democrat to Republican, and Obama was the duly chosen Democratic nominee in 2008, so he got elected. So now we have him warts and all.

It seems unlikely that Obama will actually call Sarah Palin and take her up on her gracious offer.

However, in lieu of that, maybe Captain Kickass will show up:

Captain Kickass