Who Is the Better Multi-tasker?

Barak Obama made another political gaffe when he used cyber terminology to chide John McCain for saying the debate in Washington by the Joint Economic Committee was more important than the Debate Theatre scheduled for national television. The term he used was “multi-tasking.” Ooooh! That causes my heart to skip a beat.

Obama said a president should be able to “multi-task.” Does flying an A-4 Skyhawk qualify? Does saying one thing in Pennsylvania and another in San Francisco involve “multi-tasking.” Gee whiz…. No doubt Obama’s buzzed because he crammed so hard for the exam and now worries about being unable to deliver the lecture. Such is the Obama rhetoric: multi-tasking.

I wonder if Warren Buffett was multi-tasking when he referred to the financial crisis as an “economic Pearl Harbor.” That should give Obama a clue, but the man doesn’t respond to clues. I would add my own analogy if Congress fails to act quickly; I would call it a Congressional Bubonic Plague.

Now Obama is waiting for others to pass the JEC plan and then he will follow suit and pretend that he was for it all the time. Multi-tasking again.