DCCC crawls, abases itself for the amusement of Republican Sheldon Adelson.

This is a marvelous sentence.  I love reading this sentence.  It is a sentence full of pure, innocent enjoyment:

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee issued a public apology Thursday afternoon to billionaire casino magnate Sheldon Adelson for charging that the Republican mega donor was tied to the Chinese mob and a prostitution ring.

I’d give you the background, except that you can see it all, right there: the DCCC accused Mr. Adelson of being a pimp for the Chinese mob, Mr. Adelson cast Summon Elite Lawyer Ninja Squad in response, and then the DCCC suddenly realized that they were in deep, deep legal trouble. It’ll be interesting whether or not this is enough to get Adelson’s attack dogs to heel; personally, I’d want at least an actual scalp or two, but then I’m a partisan political hack, not a billionaire.