Barack Obama dangerously skips out early on Alfalfa Club dinner.

The entire article by Albert Hunt is possibly a bit too snide about various Republicans, but this part is at least on-point about Obama’s behavior at the annual Alfalfa Club dinner:

Obama hates such dinners. Some of his aides, in particular his political adviser David Plouffe, urged him not to spend an evening mingling with the 1 percent. Yet he chose to go, and attendees said it was the first time they could recall a speaker leaving before the other side had its fun. In addition, Obama’s 87-year-old predecessor was present.

Imagine the criticism five years ago if President George W. Bush had walked out on a dinner before Hillary Clinton spoke, with Bill Clinton in the audience.

But that would in fact not have happened, because George W. Bush is in fact smarter than Barack Obama. Particularly when it comes to assessing the long-term personality damage that can result when you’re the most powerful man on the planet – and you never, ever let yourself forget that. Not that I’m suggesting that President Obama’s mind is going to snap like a rubber band under the strain. Merely that he’s already taken a job that is visibly aging him… and, in his case, probably burning spare lifespan as well. These institutions exist for a reason, believe it or not…

Via Jim Geraghty’s Morning Jolt.

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