I am afraid that I disagree with Sen. Jim DeMint about Ron Paul.

That the good Senator is apparently at least considering the idea of endorsing Mitt Romney is one thing: everybody does endorsements, they’re not always going to be for your candidate, so suck it up and walk it off. But – unlike the Senator – I want Ron Paul out of my darn primaries.  Yesterday, if possible.  The non-Republicans that he’s bringing in won’t vote for our candidate – shoot, I don’t expect even a third of them to vote for Ron Paul – and the Republican ones… well, I can’t fault a person for making a protest vote. In the primary.

And I’ll tell you this: as long as Ron Paul is in the race the less crazy things that he likes to talk about are going to continue to be ever-so-slightly radioactive among the general public, simply because it’s Ron Paul Of The Newsletters saying them.  Like it or don’t like it, as you please: this simply is.  It is my opinion that libertarians (which I am not, although I am definitely libertarian-leaning) would be better suited to find somebody else to be their public face, because Ron Paul isn’t going to win the Republican nomination and he’s going to promptly implode once he tries that third party run that everybody quietly expects…

Via Hot Air Headlines.

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