#OWS protesters verbally abuse black man.

(Via Instapundit) Unlike Jonah Goldberg, I can still find plenty of good adjectives to describe this clip of Occupier jackasses screaming racially-tinged abuse at an African-American security guard (NSFW, due to language and, well, Occupiers):

Let’s see: there’s ‘racist,’ ‘intolerant,’ and ‘bigoted.’  Then there’s ‘smelly,’ ‘funky,’ ‘filthy,’ ‘dirty,’ and ‘lice-ridden.’  Moving on, we go to ‘unemployed,’ unemployable,’ ‘useless,’ ‘dysfunctional,’ ‘undesirable,’ ‘unfit,’ and of course ‘pathetic.’

And, lastly?  ‘Desperate.’  I like that one quite a bit, because it works on a variety of levels.  Especially the one where you contemplate that the Occupiers originally started out laboring under the delusion that they, and folks like the security guard, were on the same side.  And that folks like the security guard recognized it, and would partner with the Occupiers because of it.  Under the Occupiers’ benevolent leadership, of course.

But – as you can see – nobody gets meaner faster than a self-righteous professional liberal who’s just had his or her worldview punctured by pesky objective reality again…

Moe Lane (crosspost)