Jay Carney's 'shuck-and-jive.'

Alternate title: Jay Carney is starting to crack under the strain.

Two thoughts about this:

  1. Apparently – and contra Andrew Cuomo – you can shuck and jive at an Obama press conference after all.
  2. I do not look forward with some interest to seeing how Pam Spaulding of Pandagon (and the above Huffington Post/Talking Points Memo writer, and every other person who freaked out about the Cuomo thing during the 2008 election) manages the mental readjustment necessary to simultaneously excuse attacking a white Hillary Clinton supporter for using the term then, while forgiving a white Obama staffer for using the term now.  That’s because I can’t see how such a readjustment can be done without some form of trepanning.

Hey.  Live by the hardline attitude on language, die by it.  Not my fault.

Moe Lane (crosspost)