RS Gathering: Day Two.

Big day, too: we’ve had the training classes, and we’re hearing from Gov Haley now. FreedomWorks and Heritage have presentations today, and we’ll have candidates like Ted Cruz and Michael Williams and Richard Mourdock and Don Stenberg and Adam Hasner* making themselves available for questions. And, of course, there’s going to be a movie showing of The Undefeated tonight, as a special treat.

Oh, and, yeah: Governor Rick Perry will be talking at 1 PM. Wonder what that’s going to be about?

Yeah, total media circus here. Cool, yet faintly nerve-wracking. But we have some awesome folks keeping everything running smoothly…

Moe Lane

*I will get links up as soon as I can; the Internet is a bit wonky here for some reason, so I’ve had to fall back on my iPad2’s 3G.