'Failure of Leadership.'

Fresh from the creative mind of our own Ben Howe comes this latest reminder of precisely how badly we messed up the 2008 Presidential election by picking one of the most inexperienced candidates in history (both in terms of resume, and temperament) to run the country. The entertaining part?  Ben didn’t need much more besides a bunch of newspapers clippings and the President’s own words.  Turns out that the n-dimensional genius currently in the White House forgot that nothing he’s ever said is ever, ever going to go away anymore:


By ‘we’ I mean the ‘United States of America,’ of course. Just because President Obama doesn’t like to ever take responsibility* for… well, anything… doesn’t mean that we get to do that, too.

Moe Lane

PS: Ben’s too modest to ask, but he’d welcome feedback.

*Some might be surprised to hear that, seeing that the President supposedly was ready to take responsibility in 2009:

…but that’s easily understood: President Obama was lying through his teeth, then.  It’s much easier to blame everybody else.