Left shocked to discover Harold Koh thinks like a stripper.

Executive summary of this NYT article (the Hot Air Headlines title is a thing of beauty, by the way)

  1. Harold Koh used to be opposed to the Bush administration, and was thus all about busily opposing the government, and its ‘undeclared’ (note scare quotes) wars.
  2. Harold Koh is now part of the Obama administration (State Department), and is thus all about busily justifying the government, and its undeclared (note lack of scare quotes) wars.
  3. In other words, Harold Koh went from being a shill for the War Powers Resolution to being a shill against the War Powers Resolution.  Without even really trying to hide his lack of shame about the abrupt switch in beliefs.
  4. The antiwar Left is heart-sick about this.

No, really.  I mean, they were there every night for Harold.  They were great tippers.  They always bought him his drinks – and not just the colored water that the management had the dancers drink; real drinks.  They listened to Harold.  They really, really listened.  When Harold had that little problem going on with his rent and his roommate that he didn’t want to talk about, they were there to help out; and they didn’t mind opening up their wallets a little, because they knew that they were opening up their hearts, too.  They had an emotional connection with Harold Koh.  He wasn’t like the other dancers.  They knew that it was different, what they and Harold had.

And now it’s like he doesn’t even know them.

Now that I’ve brutalized this metaphor sufficiently, let me be a little more literal in my scorn: the cheerful flip-flopping of Harold Koh* on the War Powers Resolution demonstrates that if you truly believed that any member of the Democratic establishment really opposed the Afghan and Iraqi liberations on ethical or moral grounds then you truly are stupid enough to be a member of the antiwar movement – which is to say, dumb enough that it’s a wonder that you don’t have to be reminded periodically to keep breathing.

Seriously, Koh has been one of the Clintons’ clients (in the patron/client sense) for years.  One would have thought that Koh’s hypocritical embrace of drone killings last year would have made that more clear… no, wait: forgot.  Antiwar Left.  You need short words and brightly colored pictures to get certain concepts across to them…

Moe Lane (crosspost)

*”People’s lives have seasons,” forsooth.  That’s the kind of cynical, be-damned-to-you sneer that’s usually best accompanied by a backhand to the face.  I couldn’t say something like that without people complaining that I was being mean and making people cry.