Rasmussen and the Global Warming Liars.

Hey, don’t look at me. Or Rasmussen Reports. We’re just reporting results. Object to the American people:

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey of American Adults shows that 69% say it’s at least somewhat likely that some scientists have falsified research data in order to support their own theories and beliefs, including 40% who say this is Very Likely. Twenty-two percent (22%) don’t think it’s likely some scientists have falsified global warming data, including just six percent (6%) say it’s Not At All Likely. Another 10% are undecided. (To see survey question wording, click here .)

…and when those who are objecting are done objecting, they may want to contemplate that one major reason that the ultimate sources for climate science funding are apparently so jaundiced about climate scientists might possibly be because climate scientists have been known to be condescending [expletive deleted] whenever the possibility of a suggestion of a hint of an observation that maybe the science of global warming isn’t quite as settled as the climate scientists say that it is. Now, in of itself that’s merely a garden-variety example of all-too-common, secular humanist arrogance; it’s just that such arrogance doesn’t mesh well with revelations of skulduggery. Or exhibitions of vicious bile. Or revelations of financial conflict of interest. Or just demonstrations of abject Senatorial stupidity. Although it almost* seems unfair to drag Senator Ma’am (D, CA) into this…

Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: Note that the survey isn’t saying that 69% of Americans think that climate scientists are all liars.  They just think that it’s real easy for the liars to hide out in that particular set of tall grass.

*Almost. “…there were scientists who did call for the Ice Age…”