Denver: bronze sheep stolen for their scrap value.

Before you laugh, the two sheep were valued at fifteen grand apiece (admittedly, that’s their value as art): I have no idea how much a life-sized bronze sheep weighs*, but it was apparently enough to make it a criminal target in this marvelous economy that’s been so carefully nurtured by the current administration. Did you know that there’s been since 2008 a statewide law enforcement program (“Stop Theft of Metal Products,” or STOMP) in Colorado dedicated to handle the specific surge of scrap-metal felonies? Well, now you do. And are you wondering why copper and tin are suddenly more expensive? Well, for copper at least it’s the old story: increased demand + reduced supply (via government regulation of new mines, among other things) = more expensive copper. And, apparently = more stolen bronze sheep.

OK, end of mini-stealth rant against the alphabet soup of agencies that make up our mining regulatory regime: I’ll end instead on a point of order. Regarding one of the stolen sheep (the cops made an arrest after a scrap yard called in the cops after an suspicious attempt at a sale, by the way):

“I found out they have some evidence that one of the sheep was cut up,” Wilson said. “So that’s kind of a gruesome thought, but the other one we’re not sure what happened to it.”

Um. No. It’s a bronze sheep. A live stolen sheep being cut up for its spare parts… well, OK, that’s only really gruesome if it’s being done at home, instead of a meat-processing plant. And as for the aesthetic value… well. I’ve seen pictures of the sheep. They’re not ugly… but Rodin sculptures, they ain’t.

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*Neither does the Internet, apparently.  Odd.