Barack Obama throws Elizabeth Warren under the bus.

Or, as Jake Tapper/Jake Tapper’s editor* put it, “President Obama Picks Former Ohio Attorney General to Run Consumer Bureau, Bypassing Woman Who First Came Up With the Idea.” I agree with Ed Morrissey: that’s not really the headline that you want to see in this kind of awkward situation.  I mocked the elevated importance that the Online Left has given both Warren and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau yesterday, but let me do it again: if you want to understand just how little that Democrats who actually, you know, matter cared about either, look no further than Obama’s lackadaisical response to Warren’s nomination being blocked.

Not that any of this is stopping some on the Online Left, who are apparently currently – wait for it, wait for it! – pushing for her to run against Scott Brown** for MA-SEN.  The Wall Street Journal wants her to go for it; it is no doubt merely my imagination that they’re doing that while quietly chuckling and adjusting the scope on their metaphorical sniper rifle…

Moe Lane

*No reflection on either if it’s the latter: the editor’s there to backstop the reporter on good headlines, and good headlines are hard.

**If that happens then that man just has the luck of the Devil, doesn’t he?