It's July 14th. Where are the D candidates for LA-GOV?

Aside from Ms. Tara Hollis, of course – note that I’m not going to make fun of her for running.  I could, but there’s something endearing about meeting a Democrat who actually still believes that her party is really committed to democracy and egalitarianism and anything else besides the creation and perpetuation of a paternalistic nanny-state run by people who think that they’re too smart to work for a living.  Besides, Hollis will have that presumption beaten out of her soon enough by her fellow-Democrats; there’s no need for me to get involved even if I wanted to.

Anyway.  It’s the middle of July; the deadline for declaring is in less than two months; and there ain’t nobody else stepping up to the plate. What gives?

Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: Bobby Jindal for Governor, of course.  And he should come to the RedState Gathering, too.