Michael Williams to switch to TX-33 race?

Very possibly: the proposed district includes Arlington, which is where Michael Williams lives, and it would certainly help resolve the embarrassment-of-riches problem that Texas conservatives are having with regard to the upcoming Senate race. The key will be whether the proposed congressional maps go through or not… and let us simply say that the new Texas redistricting maps are interesting.

Well, hey, Illinois.

Still: no secret that I – and RedState – like Michael, or that we would all breathe a happy sigh of relief if we didn’t actually have to choose between him and Ted Cruz for TX-SEN.  Michael is a good guy who is pretty strong on energy policy: having him in the House in 2013 would be fantastic, particularly if it’s in conjunction with a Republican Senate and/or White House.  Guess we’ll see how that turns out.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

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