Folks: meet Tim Geithner, our Treasury Secretary!

This is his response to the straightforward question of whether he was aware that the IMF had a reputation of having a ‘predatory atmosphere’ when it came to sexual harassment!


Short answer (paraphrase): “No, because I am a man and we do not have the intellectual capacity to recognize sexual harassment.*”

Tim’s job is to be sufficiently aware of current financial conditions that he can navigate our country through troubled fiscal waters – WITHOUT ripping out the bottom!

Don’t you just feel reassured, now? I know that I do…

Moe Lane (crosspost)

Via AoSHQ.

*Is it just me, or have a lot of administration officials and government employees suddenly discovered (as in, since January 2009) that it’s a lot easier if they just claim to be pig-ignorant, brain-damaged, habitual incompetents about everything? It apparently beats trying to live up to the moral/ethical code that they’re busily inflicting on the rest of us…