QotD, But the Grey Lady Isn't Bitter edition.

Nope.  Writing this sentence did not cause nigh-physical pain for its author.

A group including former White House officials, union leaders and one of Hollywood’s biggest producers have joined forces to start an outside effort to help President Obama and Congressional Democrats in 2012 by using the very sort of anonymous, unlimited donations from moneyed interests that the president has so deplored.

Nope. Not at all, nosireebob.  That thin screaming that you’re hearing?  Nope, that’s not the death of hope and innocence in the battered soul of a newspaper reporter who has realized that he has been implicitly working for a political faction who has been secretly laughing at him for his stupid naivete.  Not all: it’s actually just gas.

It’s just gas, blast your eyes.

Via RCP.

Moe Lane (crosspost)