On the Ellen Lewin situation.

Very quick background: Ellen Lewin is a professor at the University of Iowa who saw fit to reply to an (approved) mass email from the Iowa College Republicans with a “F*ck you, Republicans” mass email reply – only it wasn’t approved, wasn’t bowdlerized, and used her work email (which is the real problem).  Lewin, of course, is trying the standard ‘Sorry if you were offended’ dodge, coupled with the ‘You made me do it by merely existing’ one – and a bit of a petulant whine about how one of the people that she just cursed out disrespected her by calling her by her first name, instead of the title (of respect) “Professor” (and thanks to the College Republican faculty adviser for highlighting that last bit).

Anyway: I wonder how quickly Ellen would lodge a complaint if her Republican students prefaced every response and comment in class with a “F*ck you, Ellen.”  I’m going to guess, pretty darn quick.  And with an utter lack of appreciation for the inherent irony of that complaint.  Because, please remember: we’re not really human to people like Ellen.  And when people like Ellen get stung in the self-importance, the mask swiftly slips.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

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