This is what WI Democrats look like.

I apologize in advance for the foul language that this Democratic shill for Big Labor – or Big Labor lackey for Democrats, if that makes any difference at this point – in the video below used while verbally attacking a fourteen year old girl (Tricia Willoughby); but it’s important that people see what the Republican party, the Tea Party movement, and conservatives in general are up against. Here is said shill/lackey, in all his glory:


For those without video access: it shows an angry, middle-aged, probably union and certainly uncouth… person… screaming abuse and at least one unimaginative obscenity at Ms. Willoughby as she spoke at a Madison Tax Day Tea Party event.  “Spoiled brat” was the mildest thing that the… person… called her, in between demands that she either go to her room, or get a job. While there is a certain irony in watching the aforementioned Big Labor/Democratic shill/lackey publicly demand that Ms. Willoughby violate child labor laws, there are two things that need to be noted here. One, this is not what democracy in Wisconsin looks like – but as the title notes, this is increasingly what Democrats in Wisconsin look like. 

Second, and very importantly: if a Tea Party protester attempted to scream, curse, and insult a minor child in such a fashion as this… person… did then that protester would have been confronted, and probably ejected, from the protest within half a minute.  That’s because Tea Party protesters are fundamentally decent human beings, and this… person… is not.   And neither were any of his fellow shills/lackeys, apparently.

The really scary bit?  None of them seemed to think that this… person’s… activities were worth special notice.  That’s kind of disquieting, really.

Moe Lane (crosspost)