The Obama Facebook thing today.

Let’s establish something, right from the start *.  Tim Pawlenty has a reason besides the stated one in calling for submissions for awkward questions to ask President Obama at today’s gelded Facebookevent.’ For those who don’t know, the President is using Facebook to… use Facebook, apparently.  Shows that the President’s hip to this entire social media thing, because nothing shouts ‘responsive’ and ‘new media’ by taking carefully screened questions, and answering them with ten minutes of blather apiece.

Anyway: while Pawlenty’s stated reason is, well, reasonable enough – everybody knows that the President’s not going to get a question harsher than ‘Has the intoxicating scent of unicorn flatulence ever affected your job performance?’ – the actual goal here is to get the contact information of all those people who are: paying attention; exasperated with the President already; and energized enough to want to raise a bit of a ruckus.  Now, admittedly I may be prejudiced by having Tim Pawlenty be currently at the top of my list – but that hardly sounds like a bad thing.  And I suggest that the rest of the GOP field may want to step up their own efforts to get in regular contact with the folks that already give a tinker’s dam about what’s going on.

Because that’s your cadre, right there.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

*I respect your collective intelligence, even if it’s an open question whether the current President does.