Gloucester Times begs for elimination of MA-06.

(Via The Campaign Spot) It’s fascinating to see a newspaper make the argument that its own Congressional District be broken up in order to get its own Congressman out of Congress, but bless me if the Gloucester Times isn’t doing precisely that:

It’s a long 19 months until the next election — and that’s no matter what shape the state’s redistricting takes.

But if Tierney’s role were squeezed out in the process of cutting the state’s congressional seat, it frankly wouldn’t be any great loss to his Gloucester and Cape Ann constituents.

People will remember John Tierney for that unfortunate wife-guilty-of-tax-fraud thing from last year.  To be fair, the Gloucester Times endorsed Tierney’s opponent in the 2010 elections – which means that the usual (justified) reaction of HAHAHAsuffer that people feel when a newspaper complains about Democratic malfeasance is actually not appropriate – but it does handily illustrate the problem of one-party states.  Heck of a thing when people have to hope for a wholesale redrawing of political maps in order to get rid of a particularly suboptimal Congressman…

Moe Lane (crosspost)