I am *done* with President Obama.

UPDATE: Paul Ryan’s done, too.

Jake Tapper titled the post where he compares President’s Obama rhetoric in 2010 (semantic translation: “I don’t have the testicles to be rude to Republicans at their own retreat.”) to his rhetoric today (I can’t improve on Tapper’s title) “Throw Grandma From the Train.”  Apparently, being forced to abandon his happy-shiny 2011 budget has made the President… well, Obama was already “petulant,” and “more petulant” doesn’t have the same ring to it.  “Childish” or “adolescent” are both overused.  “Labile” sounds dirty. Let’s go with “imbalanced;” it has a certain ring to it.

Anyway: as Hot Air noted, this entire sorry exercise in induced narcolepsy that was the debt speech this afternoon was yet another dreary attempt by the President to use what is an entirely overinflated reputation for rhetoric to get past an unpleasant situation.  Unfortunately for President Obama, this is not 2008, and the media is not full of people eagerly trying to excise their inner racist demons by collaborating in the election of a clueless Harvard liberal who is as about as authentically African-American as I am. 

Or if they are, at least now the fever’s broken a bit.

My recommendation, going forward?  Democrats: cut the President out of the loop.  His presence in this discussion insults both parties at this point.  Send him off to a permanent round of golf games and trips to various parts of the country: Obama hates his job anyway, so letting him know that from now on all he has to do is sign papers on cue will probably relieve him somewhat.  In the meantime… well, God help us, there’s always Joe Biden* for domestic policy.  I am disgusted that we are now in a situation where going with Joe Biden looks good as a strategy in comparison, but this is where we are now…

Moe Lane (crosspost)

*Yes.  I know he fell asleep.  He’d still be an improvement.  And may God save the Republic.